Maria Menounos Dropped 40 Pounds After College

Did you know that Maria Menounos, while in college, was 40 pounds heavier than she is today? Its true!

Yep, she dished all about her extra baggage while chatting it up with OK Magazine, explaining how the extra weight wasn't a deterrent in her self-confidence.

I honestly didn’t feel bad when I had gained the weight because my weight gain was in the best places you would want it – here (chest) and here (buttocks). I still had a flat stomach. Yeah, I was disappointed at different times when I tried clothes on and they didn’t fit, but I was in college. I didn’t really care too much. Everybody else around me had a bigger problem.

I think we all obsess so much, and you’re going to deprive yourself? For what? You’re supposed to enjoy yourself. The week after, just take it easy. Eat some fresh salads and fresh fruit. Replenish yourself with good, healthy alternatives for a week afterward and you'll be fine. Take a long walk after dinner. Do something like that. I never stress about it.

Now this is the type of uplifting story we need to read more often. A story that will install pure inspiration within ourselves. While it seems we're always looking for answers, sometimes they find us.

Maria Menounos Bra Size

Good luck finding a more stunningly beautiful actress, singer, model or any other individual than the one and only, Maria Menounos.

From head to toe, a true specimen of perfection in every sense of the word, and did you hear about her measurements?

I discovered that Maria Menounos ' listed bra size is 34C, which just so happens to be the most desirable size, according to my own personal opinion dot com.

Maria Menounos Sunglasses

Hello my fellow Maria Menounos admirers, i hope today you can help me with a little stump I've been having. Which is finding out the brand and model of these lovely sunglasses that Maria Menounos was spotted wearing while out for a little jog.

Just post the info in the comment section below, if you have any. Thank you.

Maria Menounos Shoe Size

I was just on this neat little website that lists famous celebrity shoe sizes, and what i discovered was Maria Menounos' feet are size 10.

Kinda bigger than i had previously thought, however there is certainly nothing wrong with big feet.

Maria Menounos Net Worth

Ever stop and wonder how much money Maria Menounos is worth?

Well clearly she is priceless in terms of beauty and personality, but lets have a look at her money net worth.

Maria Menounos last know net worth was $ 13 million buckaroos!

All that beauty and shes totally loaded as well...


How Tall Is Maria Menounos?

Its time for yet another fun round of Maria Menounos trivia.

Whats on the menu you tonight you ask? Well the question is how tall is Maria Menounos?

Well the marvelous beauty is listed at 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Make sure to check back for more little Maria Menounos tidbits of knowledge.

Maria Menounos Smile

I imagine if the stunningly beautiful Maria Menounos had a dollar for every time someone told her "nice smile", she would be so wealthy, she would instantly retire from access Hollywood and move to the most beautiful white sand beach, and just drool...

Really, her smile is that amazingly great.